In March 2011 the Department for Transport refused funding for the Route Partnership’s Isles of Scilly Link Scheme, finally stopping the destructive "Option A" plans for Penzance harbour and seafront that the community had been opposing since September 2008.

The campaign to stop Option A was a success for many reasons, not least the hard work and determination of the many local people that took part. A firm, consistent, honest and rational opposition supported by well thought out alternatives ensured that our message was heard.

However, the story is not over. Improvements to Penzance Harbour are on the way and we should engage positively with these initiatives to ensure that they deliver for Penzance."

Latest Developments

Town Council Resolution addressing Rock Armour
Here find the text of the Resolution agreed at the special Penzance Town Council meeting of October 10th convened to discuss Norman Baker's response to the Town Council's harbour proposals and Cornwall Council's proposals to place rock armour on the South Pier.
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Statement delivered to special Town Council meeting this evening
Here's the statement delivered this evening to the special meeting of the Town Council convened to discuss rock armour and other issues related to Norman Baker's recent refusal to fund the Town Council's harbour scheme.
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Town Council to discuss Rock Armour threat – Wednesday 10th October 2012
Penzance Town Council will consider the possibility of rock armouring the historic Grade II* listed South Pier at a special meeting of the Council on Wednesday evening starting at seven o’clock. PLEASE ATTEND.
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DfT ask for Town Council view on Rock Armour
In response to the plan by Cornwall Council to place Rock Armour on the historic Grade II* listed South Pier the Department for Transport has asked the Town Council what it’s position is on the issue.
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Town Council scheme threatened by Cornwall Council Rock Armour plan
Penzance Town Council has asked the Department for Transport to allow it to continue with the development of its scheme for Penzance Harbour despite Cornwall Council’s refusal to support it.
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Option Shortlist Exhibition & Public Consultation, 9th February
The Penzance Harbour Scheme Options Review process reaches a critical stage this week with the holding of an exhibition and public consultation on the shortlisted options.
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Harbour Options Design Workshops, 24th November 2011
As part of the consultation process and to help design options for a possible future Penzance Harbour Scheme, Hyder Consulting are organising a series of public workshops.
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Feedback Form for Pz Harbour Scheme Options Review
Here you will find the form that was circulated at last night's meeting. Please use it to send in your views about future developments at Penzance Harbour.
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Options Review Public Meeting, 17th November 2011
A Public Meeting at St John's Hall on Thursday 17th November will provide the public with a first opportunity to find out more about the new Penzance Harbour Scheme Options Review and put their views forward. Please don’t miss this meeting, and help spread the word by forwarding a link to this page or by circulating the leaflet below.
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New Penzance Harbour Scheme Options Review launched
Penzance Town Council and the Penzance Seafront Forum working together in the newly created Penzance Harbour Scheme Management Board have received funding from the Department for Transport to conduct an Options Review to identify a popular alternative to the Route Partnership’s failed scheme for Penzance Harbour.
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Penzance Harbour Scheme Management Board members chosen
The Town Council and Penzance Seafront Forum have chosen who will represent them on the Management Board created to oversee the identification of an alternative scheme for Penzance Harbour.
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Town Council takes on Pz-IoS Link project
The Town Council has today agreed to take the lead in developing an alternative to the Cornwall Council and Route Partnership Isles of Scilly Link Scheme. The Town Council initiative will oversee work leading up to the identification of a popular alternative scheme for Penzance Harbour.
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More detail on DfT funding decision
In response to a question from the public the Department for Transport has provided additional information about how it reached its recent decision not to fund the Route Partnership's Isles of Scilly Link Scheme.
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Seafront Forum up and running
Plans to set up a community development trust for Penzance seafront have led to the creation of the Penzance Seafront Forum. The Friends of Penzance Harbour helped set up the Forum and are a wholehearted supporter of its desire to "enable the community to work together on a future vision for the seafront and harbour".
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Community development trust proposed for Penzance seafront
In today's Cornishman the Penzance Business Network has proposed the establishment of a community owned and led Development Trust to act as a guardian for Penzance Seafront and to manage and facilitate the conservation and appropriate regeneration of the whole Penzance waterfront area.
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A positive first step towards alternative Pz-IoS Link scheme
The first meeting of Andrew George's "coalition of the willing" has brought both sides of the Isles of Scilly Link debate locally together in a constructive and positive first step towards the development of an alternative to the failed Route Partnership scheme.
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Call for a "coalition of the willing"
Following on from the decision of the DfT to refuse funding for Cornwall Council's IoS Link project Andrew George MP is putting together a coalition of the willing to develop and bring forward an alternative scheme.
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The wrong response to the challenge we face
Cornwall Council have responded to the DfT decision not to fund its Isles of Scilly Link scheme by refusing to cooperate further. Andrew George says "it's the wrong response to the challenge we face".
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DfT Decision: Statement by the Friends of Penzance Harbour
The Friends of Penzance Harbour was formed spontaneously in response to the publication of the Route Partnership’s plan for Penzance Harbour in September 2008 (subsequently known as Option A). We were of the opinion that the scheme was ridiculously expensive, destructive and inappropriate. For two and a half years we have campaigned, along with many others and with the continued support of the majority of the people of Penzance, to prevent this scheme and replace it with something better
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DfT refuses funding for Council IoS Link scheme
The Department for Transport have refused to fund Cornwall Council's Isles of Scilly Link scheme but left open the possibility for an improved alternative approach for Penzance.
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Town Council backs alternative scheme and sends message to minister
Penzance Town Council yesterday voted to support the Penzance Business Network’s alternative Isles of Scilly Link proposal and to "ask the Department for Transport, and all other involved parties, to give it the most careful consideration before deciding how to progress the future of the Penzance to Isles of Scilly sea link".
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Decision to increase IoS Link loan should be put to Full Council
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have written an open letter to all Cornwall councillors urging them to resist use of the Council’s “urgency procedure” and to insist that the Cabinet’s plan to increase “prudential borrowing” from £10m to £15m be subject to the approval of the Full Council.
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Portfolio Holder admits scheme business case is unsustainable
At yesterday’s meeting of the Cornwall Council Cabinet and in response to a question from the public the Council’s Portfolio Holder for Transport admitted that with the extra borrowing necessary the business case for the Council’s IoS Link scheme was unsustainable.
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Is this the new Scillonian IV?
In papers prepared for this week’s meeting of the Cabinet of Cornwall Council there are details of the IoS Steamship Company’s alternative private sector plan for providing new ferries for the Link. The award-winning passenger ship they have in mind is three years old, state of the art, environment-friendly, and can be had for just £5.7m – close to one-fifth of the cost of the ship the Council wants to have specially built!
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Macho posturing or rational decision-making?
In an extraordinary show of political arrogance, and in the middle of making devastating cuts to public services, Cornwall Council is now proposing to rob funds from other regeneration projects and increase Council borrowing from £10m to £15m to rescue its £62m Isles of Scilly Link “vanity project”.
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Pz Business Network launch cheaper, better, less risky IoS Link scheme
In response to discussions with Norman Baker MP and calls from the Department for Transport (DfT) for cuts in the budget of Cornwall Council’s Isles of Scilly Link scheme and greater local contributions, the Penzance Business Network has published a fully developed and costed alternative plan that exceeds the core Route Partnership objectives and protects the future of Penzance.
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Environment consents decision
The Marine Management Organisation has made a decision under the Marine Works Regulations 2007 in favour of licensing the expansion of both Penzance and St Mary's Harbours.
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Alternatives key to securing DfT funding
A decision on Department for Transport (DfT) funding for the Isles of Scilly Link project has been delayed again, and it looks increasingly unlikely that the scheme will go ahead in its original form.
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DfT orders rethink on Isles of Scilly Link scheme
By making funding subject to a review of the project's scope and costs the Department for Transport has today taken us one important step closer to a better, less destructive and more affordable alternative to Cornwall Council's Isles of Scilly Link scheme.
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Public Meeting a huge success
Nearly 400 people turned up last night and the message for Cornwall Council and the Department for Transport was clear. There are alternatives, they are of a better quality, less destructive, less risky for council tax payers, and more affordable in these troubled economic times.
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Penzance deserves better: emergency public meeting
In response to Cornwall Council’s decision to ignore the upgrading of the South Pier to a Grade II* Listed structure and to grant itself planning permission for the “Option A” harbour scheme in Penzance, the Friends of Penzance Harbour supported by other community groups has organised an emergency public meeting to discuss developments and call on the Department for Transport to support better designed, less destructive and less costly alternatives.
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Consent granted for new sea wall
Today's meeting of Cornwall Council's strategic planning committee approved the last local authority consent required for the Option A harbour scheme in Penzance.
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Sea wall goes back to planning committee
In a move designed to head off any future challenge on the grounds that they have not followed the right procedures Cornwall Council are sending the Option A sea wall application back to the strategic planning committee on October 14th.
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Andrew George condemns Option A and the "bullying and intimidation" of its supporters
In a response to news that the Secretary of State has granted listed building consent in respect of Penzance Harbour South Pier, Andrew George MP has described the chosen scheme as the "most expensive", the "most damaging to Penzance's heritage" and the one that "does most to undermine the economic regeneration of the harbour area".
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Secretary of State declines to call in LBC application
The Secretary of State has declined to "call in" Cornwall Council's applications in respect of Penzance Harbour South Pier and has granted listed building consent.
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Joint appeal for DfT investigation of Route Partnership project
The Friends of Penzance Harbour and the Lands End Aerodrome Action Group have written jointly to the Department of Transport asking for an urgent review of the Route Partnership’s Isles of Scilly Link project to stop millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money being wasted on the wrong scheme.
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Planning committee chair describes Penzance Harbour process as “absolute shambles”
Cllr Neil Plummer, the Chairman of the planning committee that approved the Route Partnership’s plans for Penzance Harbour has resigned from the Independent Group on Cornwall Council and accused others in the Independent Group of trying to control the way he voted.
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European Parliament to investigate Pz Harbour scheme
In an important breakthrough in the campaign to stop Option A the European Parliament yesterday agreed to look further into Cornwall Council's plans to build on Battery Rocks beach.
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URGENT: Please write to Norman Baker MP
Now is exactly the right time for national government to call a stop to building on Battery Rocks beach and insist that Cornwall Council properly consider less destructive and cheaper alternatives, but they need your encouragement!
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South Pier historic listing elevated to Grade II *
The Secretary of State on the advice of English Heritage has formally upgraded the listing of Penzance’s historic South Pier. The pier has been elevated from Grade II to Grade II*, recognising it as one of the most important historic harbours in the country.
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Cllr Hicks guilty of “unreasonable and excessive personal attack”
An inquiry by Standards for England into the behaviour of Councillor Graeme Hicks has concluded that “in describing the Friends [of Penzance Harbour] as a ‘despicable mob’ Councillor Hicks made an unreasonable and excessive personal attack”.
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Golden opportunity to reassess Scilly Link scheme
The government decision to suspend funding for pending transport projects, including the Isles of Scilly Link project with its ill-thought-out plans for Penzance Harbour, should be treated by local residents and Cornwall Council as a golden opportunity to reassess the scheme.
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Tender outcome predictable
Last Tuesday’s announcement that the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company has “won” the tender to operate the Route Partnership’s proposed new service to the Isles of Scilly should come as no surprise.
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Object to Option A environment consents
In addition to listed building consent Cornwall Council also needs environmental approvals under the Food & Environment Act and the Coast Protection Act before it can proceed with Option A. Deadline is 1st April.
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Help us secure a Public Inquiry
Please write to the Secretary of State and request him to "call in" and organise a Public Inquiry into the Battery Rocks terminal scheme. Deadline is this Tuesday (23rd March).
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Option PZ planning application submitted
Penzance Business Network have today announced that they have submitted a pre-planning application for Option PZ to the planning department at Cornwall Council.
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Misinformation, threats and false promises win the day
The Strategic Planning Committee, Cornwall Council and local supporters of Option A have been persuaded by a tissue of misleading information, threats, and false promises.
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Objectors win letters battle hands down
Both sides pushed hard for their supporters to send representations to the planners but the final tally shows 1122 letters of objection to 807 of support.
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Planning Committee volt face
Despite representations objecting to the scheme from the Town Council and a majority of local Cornwall councillors the strategic planning committee today voted to recommend approval for the Council’s plans to build on Battery Rocks beach, reversing a decision taken on an identical proposal in December 2009.
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Option A support so much “smoke & mirrors”
The supporters of Option A are claiming that a petition and Facebook page are evidence that a majority of Penzance residents and businesses now support Option A.
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Public give Option PZ a warm welcome
The public meeting hosted last night by Andrew George and the Penzance Business Network to launch Option PZ attracted hundreds of supporters, and laid to rest once and for all the argument that "it's Option A or nothing".
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CPRE object to LBC application for Option A
The Campaign for the Protection of Rural England has entered the fray with a firmly worded objection to the Council's Option A scheme.
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Town Council rejects Option A again
Penzance Town Council has again voted on the harbour issue and again rejected Cornwall Council's Option A plan to damage the historic South Pier and build on Battery Rocks beach.
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“Option PZ” should unite community
Option PZ, a promising new development that removes the need for infill on Battery Rocks beach and holds the potential to unite the community, will be launched this coming Wednesday 3rd March at a PUBLIC MEETING at the Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Penzance at 7:00pm.
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Planners meet this coming Monday
The Strategic Planning Committee will meet at County Hall in Truro on March 8th at 2:00pm to consider and vote on the Council's application for listed building consent for Option A and building on Battery Rocks beach.
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Put Penzance First
The deadline for objections to the Council’s resubmitted application for Listed Building Consent is March 4th, but the sooner you get it in the better. See below for help with objecting.
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Option A Myths
If you think the Scilly Link could move to Falmouth or Option A is the only option available to Penzance, or indeed that Option A holds any benefits for Penzance then think again...
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Council harbour decision making "grossly defective"
An analysis of Cornwall Council decision making surrounding the Isles of Scilly Link project has described a key Cabinet decision as "flawed", a report to planners as a "travesty", and the language used by planning officers as "scandalous".
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Council resubmit application for Listed Building Consent
Cornwall Council has resubmitted an application for Listed Building Consent for its plans to build a freight and passenger terminal on Battery Rocks beach. The deadline for objections is March 4th and the Strategic Planning Committee will consider the application at a meeting at County Hall in Truro on March 8th.
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A sad day for Cornwall Council
Cllr Graeme Hicks' letter to The Cornishman newspaper today is couched in terms which any ordinary citizen should be ashamed to use, let alone a public official with senior responsibilities.
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English Heritage objection to Option A “still stands”
In a letter addressed to the Chief Executive of Cornwall Council, English Heritage have said that the objection they made to the recent request by Cornwall Council for listed building consent for Penzance South Pier “still stands”.
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MP convenes meeting to discuss alternatives to Option A
Andrew George has invited key organisations and individuals to a meeting to discuss the future of the Isles of Scilly ferry link arrangements in Penzance.
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Business community calls for end to Option A plans - now 30 sign-ons
Thirty businesses from Penzance have put their name to a letter to Cllr Alec Robertson, Leader of Cornwall Council, asking him to give up on the Council’s plans for building on Battery Rocks beach and instead put his Council’s efforts into developing a popular alternative.
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Campaign continues in 2010
The rejection of plans to build on Battery Rocks beach by the Strategic Planning Committee on December 14th was a nice way to end the year and is of course a cause for celebration, but two important tasks remain for the new year.
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Planning Committee REFUSES application - 669 write to object
The Strategic Planning Committee of Cornwall Council met today in Penzance and after a four hour debate refused planning permission to build on Battery Rocks beach.
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Packed meeting sends clear message to planning committee
Eighteen of the 21 member strategic planning committee that will consider the plans to build on Battery Rocks beach visited Penzance today and were told in no uncertain terms that the residents of Penzance will not accept the development on their historic seafront.
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English Heritage say NO to building on Battery Rocks beach
In their response to the recent Cornwall Council request for listed building consent in respect of Penzance’s historic South Pier, English Heritage have objected to the plans to infill and build on Battery Rocks beach.
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Planning Committee to meet in Penzance on December 10th & 14th
The Strategic Planning Committee that will consider the planning applications to build on Battery Rocks beach will meet in the Guildhall in Penzance at 2pm on Monday 14th December. Objectors are urged to attend.
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“RMV White Elephant” or, why two ships are better than one
Cornwall Council has been telling us for a while that there isn’t time to review their choice of a single ship, but the Council of the Isles of Scilly is now saying that a faster ship operating out of Falmouth might suit them better. Falmouth is not an option, but if there’s time to reopen the choice of ship, then we should do so, because two ships would be better than one for Penzance.
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Deadline for objections extended
The deadline for making objections to the planning applications has been extended to November 30th. This is two weeks before the earliest possible date of the planning committee meeting that will consider the applications. As soon as we have confirmation of when the committee meets we will let you know.
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Out of control Council circumvents normal planning procedures, makes mockery of local democracy
The new unitary Cornwall Council has decided that elected local members will not be allowed to review the Council’s own planning applications for a hugely controversial development on Battery Rocks beach in Penzance.
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Friends ask Secretary of State to “call in” harbour proposals
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have written to John Denham MP, the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government asking that he “call in” all the Cornwall Council proposals for Penzance Harbour.
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Packed house hears extraordinary history of pier
Over 200 people crammed into the Ballroom at the Queen's Hotel yesterday evening to hear a leading historic building specialist describe the South Pier of Penzance harbour as one of the most important historic structures in Cornwall.
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Tinner Challenges Planners
The area of the beach and seabed that will covered by the Cornwall Council plan to build a new passenger and freight terminal on Battery Rocks beach has been "claimed and bounded" by a local tinner, and the appropriate authorities have been informed.
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Complaint of maladministration leading to injustice
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have made a formal complaint to Cornwall Council regarding their handling of the Penzance Harbour proposals and in particular the misleading actions and statements made by Council officials in respect of the planning application process.
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New Option A planning applications submitted - YOU MUST OBJECT AGAIN!
Cornwall Council has submitted two new planning applications relating to the development of passenger and freight facilities on Battery Rocks beach: one for raising the new harbour wall and a second for “listed building consent”.
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Option A: two years of hell!
Criticism of the Cornwall Council plan to build on Battery Rocks beach has so far focused on long term impacts, but details are emerging of the scale of disruption and heavy lorry traffic that the town can expect during two years of construction.
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Isles Council continues its bully-boy tactics
In response to the recent public meeting in Penzance, the Council of the Isles of Scilly has passed a motion of no confidence in Andrew George and voted to spend £3500 on a study to look at using Falmouth as an alternative to Penzance.
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Packed public meeting rejects plan to build on Battery Rocks beach
A public meeting hosted tonight by Andrew George MP drew a huge crowd and resulted in a resounding and close to unanimous rejection of the Route Partnership’s plans to build on Battery Rocks beach; just 3 out of the 500 strong audience voted to support the RP scheme.
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New planning battle kicks off
It is now clear that the Harbour Revision Order that was enacted on September 16th gives Cornwall Council and the Route Partnership most of the permissions that they need to build their passenger and freight terminals on Battery Rocks beach. Importantly though they still need to secure Listed Building Consent before any work can commence.
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Offensive remarks a sign of poor judgement
An attack by Graeme Hicks on Andrew George and the residents of Penzance in today’s Western Morning News suggest he is unfit for office and the wrong man to be deciding the future of the Route Partnership’s scheme for Penzance harbour.
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Public Meeting: St John’s Hall, October 9th at 7:30pm
Andrew George has called a public meeting to discuss issues surrounding the Route Partnership’s plans for Penzance harbour and to appraise the public of recent developments. The Friends of Penzance Harbour are urging all who care about the town to attend and make their feelings known.
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Friends launch Fighting Fund to defend historic seafront
The willingness of Cornwall Council to ignore public opinion and the existence of viable, less destructive alternatives, and push ahead with plans to build on Battery Rocks beach has forced the Friends of Penzance Harbour to set up a Fighting Fund to pay for a legal defence of the town’s historic seafront.
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Cornwall Cabinet decision based on biased and misleading information
The Cabinet of Cornwall Council, which contains no Members from the Penzance area, decided on September 16th to allow the resubmission of plans to build on Battery Rocks beach, but the report that councillors used as a basis for their decision was seriously flawed.
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Cabinet to consider resubmission of Battery Rocks planning application
Graeme Hicks, the transport portfolio holder at Cornwall Council will this week ask the Cabinet of Cornwall Council to agree to the resubmission of plans to build on Battery Rocks beach.
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One ship option is NOT cheaper to operate
A new report from the Route Partnership suggests that the proposed larger combined passenger and freight vessel will be cheaper to operate than the existing two-ship system, but an initial review of the report shows that they have got their calculations seriously wrong.
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Alternative options report fudges figures to support original scheme
The Route Partnership have claimed that their report into alternatives to building on Battery Rocks beach supports their original scheme, but their conclusions downplay the advantages of an out of town freight handling depot and ignore the risks associated with their own scheme.
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MP says Route Partnership scheme "politically undeliverable"
Andrew George MP has told the Route Partnership that he believes their proposal to build on Battery Rocks beach is now “politically undeliverable”, and has offered to assist in negotiations with the Shipping Minister and the Department for Transport in case the funding timetable needs to be reviewed.
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Route Partnership plan will harm regeneration in Penzance
Participants attending a recent meeting hosted by Andrew George MP have discussed how the Route Partnership’s plan to build on Battery Rocks beach will harm the future regeneration of the harbour area.
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Public rejects Route Partnership scheme (AGAIN)
A poll in last week’s Cornishman newspaper has shown the public to be two to one against the Route Partnership’s scheme to build on Battery Rocks beach, but this is just the most recent in a series of polls showing overwhelming public opposition to the Route Partnership’s plans for Penzance seafront.
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A reminder of what we stand for...
The Friends of Penzance Harbour are in favour of improvements to the Scilly Link, but against the destructive and financially imprudent approach being taken by the Route Partnership.
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Scilly Link unviable from Falmouth
The Route Partnership are trying to intimidate Penzance residents into accepting their plans to build on Battery Rocks beach by threatening to move the Scilly Link to Falmouth, but the service can only operate successfully from Penzance.
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Route Partnership attempt to undermine local democracy - historic seafront still in danger!
Officers of Cornwall Council - in the guise of the Route Partnership - have launched a new offensive against the wishes of local people and are pressuring newly elected Cornwall councillors to support their discredited scheme to build on Battery Rocks beach. The planning application for this development was withdrawn on June 12th but the Route Partnership is determined to see it reinstated.
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Route Partnership continue to promote development on Battery Rocks beach
The Route Partnership has met with newly elected Cornwall Councillors to try and persuade them to support their old scheme to build on Battery Rocks beach. The meeting took place at the same time as Cornwall Council consultants were preparing a report on alternative options.
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Friends comment on draft Alternative Options Appraisal
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have now seen and commented on a draft of the report on alternatives to the Route Partnership scheme to build on Battery Rocks beach which is being prepared for Cornwall Council by the consultants Halcrow.
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Breakdown of objections published
Cornwall Council planning department has released the final details of the objections it received to the Route Partnership’s planning applications to build on Battery Rocks beach. Perhaps the most publicised planning applications in Penwith's history received 672 letters of objection and just 8 letters of support; that’s a massive 98.8% against!
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Planning application withdrawn
Cornwall Council has withdrawn the Route Partnership’s planning application to build a new freight and passenger facility for the Isles of Scilly Link on Battery Rocks beach. The Friends of Penzance Harbour have welcomed the news and congratulated local people for successfully defending their historic harbour and seafront.
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Cornwall Council move to consider alternatives
A second Andrew George-sponsored meeting between objectors and the Route Partnership has resulted in a move by Cornwall Council to appraise alternatives to building on Battery Rocks beach.
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Route Partnership talk about alternatives
At a meeting brokered by Andrew George MP, the Friends of Penzance Harbour and the Route Partnership have started discussions about alternatives to building on Battery Rocks beach.
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Jubilee Pool association joins fight against harbour development
Members of a voluntary organisation who over the last 20 years have helped to save and preserve one of Cornwall’s most celebrated buildings, the listed art deco Jubilee Pool in Penzance, have voted unanimously to actively campaign against the proposed Route Partnership scheme.
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Planners overwhelmed by objections to Route Partnership plan
Planning officers at Cornwall Council have received more than 650 objections to the Route Partnership’s application to build on Battery Rocks beach, and just one letter of support.
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Planning permission sought for works depot
A planning application has been made to turn the car park at St Anthony’s Gardens into a “construction site compound” to service the Route Partnership’s development at Battery Rocks beach. Objections must be received at Cornwall Council by May 7th. The Town Council will discuss the application on April 30th.
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Time to talk about alternatives
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have welcomed an initiative from Andrew George MP to start talks between objectors and the Route Partnership, but insist that discussions must be about finding the best alternative to the unpopular Route Partnership plans.
more >

Planning application to be considered on July 7th
Cornwall Council have confirmed that the Route Partnership’s application to build on Battery Rocks beach will be considered for the first time at a meeting of the new “west area” planning sub-committee on July 7th.
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Objections still accepted
The official “deadline” for objecting to the Route Partnership’s planning application to build on Battery Rocks beach passed today, March 26th, but planning officers have told the Friends of Penzance Harbour that objections will be accepted up until a few days before the planning committee meets to consider the applications.
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Object now to stop Battery Rocks beach development
The deadline for objecting to the County Council and Route Partnership’s planning application to build on Battery Rocks beach is March 26th. Anyone can object and all objections are counted, but time is running out.
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English Heritage unhappy with Route Partnership scheme
In a letter to the Department for Transport regarding the Route Partnership’s plans for Penzance harbour English Heritage have said “it is regrettable that the opportunity has not been taken to reassess the proposals and produce an alternative scheme which is less harmful to the historic environment.”
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Harbour development planning notices published today
The planning notices for the Route Partnership's scheme for Penzance harbour have been published in today's Cornishman. The public has until March 26th to object. Click "more" for information on how to help stop the Route Partnership's scheme.
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Route Partnership admits to exhibition photomontage error
In response to a formal complaint from the Friends of Penzance Harbour the Route Partnership has admitted that a key part of their January pre-planning exhibition “was in error”.
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Route Partnership refuses to meet protesters
The Route Partnership has refused a request from Andrew George to allow local protesters to attend a meeting between him and Tim Wood, the Route Partnership Project Director.
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Traffic survey reveals advantages of out-of-town freight depot
A freedom of information request to the traffic department at Cornwall County Council has revealed that an out-of-town freight handling depot would remove over 250 car, van and lorry movements from the harbour area for each sailing of the Gry Maritha freight vessel.
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Route Partnership defy public and submit Battery Rocks planning application
The overwhelming majority of the public are against their plans, Penzance Town Council voted unanimously to oppose them, the Department of Transport are concerned enough to have requested an independent review, and there is no rush since funding for the project is not in danger, yet Liberal Democrats at County Hall have allowed the Route Partnership to push ahead with a planning application! This is an insult to local people, a waste of taxpayer's money, and shows what a sham the "consultation" process has been.
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Department of Transport request review of Route Partnership plans
The Department of Transport, the funders of the proposed Penzance harbour "improvements", have asked the Route Partnership to commission an "independent review" of its proposals for a new larger Scillonian ferry and associated shore-side facilities.
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Friends of Penzance Harbour call on Councils to provide political leadership
In an open letter to the chairmen of Penwith District Council and Cornwall County Council the Friends of Penzance Harbour have called on elected representatives to provide leadership and stop the Route Partnership from proceeding further with their unpopular plans for Penzance harbour.
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Call for Scillonians to look again at Route Partnership plans for the Islands
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have written to the inhabitants of the Isles of Scilly highlighting their concerns about the Route Partnership's plans for Penzance and suggesting that Scillonians too should take time to make sure that what is being planned for Scilly is really in the best interests of the Islands.
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Town Council says "no" to Route Partnership scheme
Penzance Town Council has questioned the location, design, business case and environmental impact of the Route Partnership's scheme for Penzance harbour and agreed to object to the plans.
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Elected representatives must reject Route Partnership plan for Penzance
At the heart of the controversy surrounding the Route Partnership’s plans for Penzance harbour and the adjacent beach by Battery Rocks, is the issue of whether or not the people of Penzance are to have a say in the future development of their town. The Friends of Penzance harbour have written to the Cornishman on this issue and copied the letter to all elected local and Cornwall County Council officials.
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Department of Transport admit there is NO time limit on funding
The Department of Transport has finally gone on the record and dispelled the myth that we must "use or lose" the funding provisionally earmarked for the Route Partnership's harbour development schemes in Penzance and Scilly.
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Friends of Penzance Harbour make formal complaint about exhibition
The Friends of Penzance Harbour have made a formal complaint to Cornwall County Council about their handling of the Route Partnership's recent "pre-planning" exhibition at the Old Vospers Building in Penzance from 19-23rd January.
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Massive opposition to plans for Penzance harbour
A “pre-planning” exhibition exit poll organised by the Friends of Penzance Harbour has shown that Cornwall County Council’s week-long attempt to win over the people of Penzance to their harbour development scheme has failed. Eighty five (85) percent of those questioned said they did not support the proposals.
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